#autisticsinacademia – A Hashtag is Born!

Just over a week ago (on 26th December 2016), I started a hashtag – #autisticsinacademia

It was just an idle tweet in reply to something that someone said to me, but it has become something that is working to put autistic people involved in academia in touch with each other, to enable us to share our successes and frustrations, and to help us to be visible in, and contribute to the wider world of academia on Twitter.

It’s a fun thing, and it’s good to feel connected.

I’ve made a Storify (that you should see here) – Firstly to collect together some of the tweets that have appeared so far on the hashtag, and secondly to show what we can achieve through Twitter in terms of connection, networking and activism.

Enjoy the Storify, check out the hashtag – and join in the conversation!


3 thoughts on “#autisticsinacademia – A Hashtag is Born!

  1. Great move! Initially I didn’t respond as took it literally that I am at present an” autistic in academia.” I am autistic and am in a limbo position regarding academia.

    I do ” work’ ( unpaid) related to autism for a University and pay my own way to speak at conferences on various aspects of my existential autistic experience mixed with an appraisal ( referencing both autistic writers and those of the dominant culture) on what I see to be limitations of the ” normal” research assumptions, interpretations, methods, processes etc. I guess I unofficially am an “autisticinaycademia’ lacking a formal context .

    Due to honesty and literality I thought I’d not qualify for admittance to this group, despite it being initiated by an Aspie.


    • Oh gosh – please join in! Apart from anything, would be good to be able to highlight the amount of work done by autistic people that is unpaid and institutionally unrecognised – please, please join in. I for one would love to hear about your experiences and perspectives!

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