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Reflections on Blogging

Taking a break…

#autisticsinacademia – A Hashtag is Born!

The Blog and the PhD – why I can’t do one without the other.

What’s in a Name? – My Thoughts on Autism Terminology

What’s it all about, Aspie?


The British Psychological Society, LGBT Rights, “Cure” … and Autism

Autism, Politics, Social Change 

Grammar Schools and Special Educational Needs/Disability: An Insider Perspective

Theresa May, Mental Health and Resilience…

Disability Politics & Internalised Ableism: Reaching for the Stars with Boots made of Lead.

Why I struggle with the “Search for my True Autistic Self”

Frustration, shame … and doing stuff anyway…

A question to non autistics who say “but that’s hard for me too”

Revisiting Jim Sinclair – “Don’t Mourn for Us”: And (some of) my thoughts on the language of “cure”.

What’s so special about autism?

Neurodiversity – Neuroequality: What does this mean to you? What do we want?


Autism – a Diagnostic Quest (Stage 2): Gatekeepers

Diagnosis, discrimination and why speaking out can feel so risky …

Diagnosis and Identity – Need and Power


“I can’t do this bloody PhD. I’m too bloody autistic and too bloody stupid.” Doubts and Hope when Identities Collide.

Why I’m unhappy with “Imposter Syndrome”

Comments on Everyday Life

Thinking about the Tyranny of “Social” and being misunderstood – “Stupid and Pedantic” and/or “Blunt and Outspoken”.

The Politics of Wellbeing

“Work-Life Balance” – What are we talking about?

‘Kitchen Experiences’ – The Everyday Work of ‘Coming Out’ Autistic

A Very Short Blog About Being Autistic in the World.



Politicised Pathology

Guest Posts

Guest Post: Autism, Schools & Unconditional Positive Regard (The Perspective of an Educational Psychologist)

GUEST POST: “My experiences with veganism, being autistic and having mental health problems.”

Reblogging (Things I’ve found that mean something to me)


When Do We Get to Be Autistic?

Autism research

Autism and Work

Open letter from an Autistic human

Autistic History Month (begun anew) November 2016: Submissions Open!